Remember When . . .

Laugh So Hard Your Guts Hurt

Boring day? These hilarious memories are sure to put a smile on your face. Think your story is better? Share it with us here.

What is the memory that makes you laugh hardest today?

“Hell week.” —Joseph F. Chlup ’51

“Spring Carnival in the Armory.” —Ted Morrison ’54

We had a small pledge class of about seven at the time but very enthusiastic in 1970. I also recall Sunday nights were pizza nights and one had to eat as fast as possible in order to get enough, because all the pizzas were gone in about 10 minutes.” —Craig Cinotto,’72

“A line-up I was in with my pledge brothers during our initiation. Dave Treadwell was sitting in the back of the room calling out various things that were cracking up the pledges. Eventually everyone, actives and pledges were laughing so hard that everything had to stop for a few minutes so everyone could regain their composure and go on.” —Greg Woolridge ’80

“Erik Diamond as SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAR DUDE.” —Dan Masterson ’91

Describe the best party

“The party we had at Bidwell Candy Store.” —Joseph F. Chlup ’51

“Gilligan’s Xiland.” —Dan Masterson ’91

Describe your favorite/best road trip

“Western trip through seven states.” —Ted Morrison ’54

“Some of us brothers went to ISU. I remember meeting, dating, and then writing to one of the ISU girls for quite a while.” —Craig Cinotto ’72

“Spring break in Hilton Head with 20 or so brothers.” —Dan Masterson ’91

What is the one memory you have shared or will share with your children or grandchildren?

“Living at Alpha Beta TX after being discharge from the army.” —Joseph F. Chlup ’51

“The pride I have for graduating from such a fine school as the U of I. My memory is that I had classes that started usually at 8 a.m. and had teachers who actually had written the textbook being used.” —Craig Cinotto,’72

“Me dunking over Tom Burns; does it have to be a real memory?” —Dan Masterson ’91

"The first day that I pledged TX. I met my 33 pledge brothers, and together we realized that we pledges outnumbered the actives. We all made our grades the first semester and became actives. From that period on, this pledge class always voted into office a member of the original pledge class. I was elected president along with all of the other officers for two semesters. Seventy-six members lived in the house during this time." —Robert W. Holloway

"Pledge Week." —Doyle Wilhite